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Done in 2008

December 2007

In December 2007 I went to Hikkaduwa and:

  • made arrangements with Monk Kassapa
  • found a location for two classes near the buddhist temple
  • hired a teacher for the children for the times when I would be away
  • agreed upon a teaching method with her and bought books for the children
  • found students for the school
  • had an admission test to evaluate the children’s scholastic level
  • chose children and arranged two different classes
  • kept all other children on a waiting list
  • arranged classes
  • bought a computer and placed it in the monk’s room
  • organized an opening ceremony as the monk wished.
  • At this point we enrolled the children in the two classes.

January 14, 2008: beginning ceremony and classes

Our school year is the same as the public school and classes, one hour each, are every day in the afternoon, taught exclusively in English following a Cambridge University Press Course which consists of:

  • a school book written entirely in English;
  • a practice book which gradually teaches children to speak English fluently.

The weekly lessons are concluded with a test every Friday, and the teacher sends me weekly updates so that we can agree upon what to do next.

Chathurika (the teacher) and I decided that:

  • English is the official language during classes
  • stories are used to teach reading comprehension
  • what has been learned is reviewed on the computer
  • all the children know that classes are free, and the three children with the best grades will get a prize at the end of the school year

Prizes are useful items like a new backpack, a pencil set, a pair of shoes, etc.


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