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Done in 2014


  • Beginning of the year Ceremony, January 2014. (Achieved)
  • Arranged a school trip to Wather World Colombo (Achieved)
  • Changed the teacher for the students who have been with us since 2008, with 2 mother tongue English teachers. (Achieved)
  • Update the building permit making it valid for the entire 2014 (Achieved)
  • Regularized the enrollement for the new mother tongue teachers. (Achieved)
  • Find a new school accommodation in Dodanduwa fishing village where starting 2 new classes. (Achieved)
  • Finding the Teacher for the new classes. (Achieved)
  • Close the 2013 financial year (Achieved)
  • Call a company meeting to approve the 2013 budget (Achieved)
  • Started a new class with 16 other children of 6. (Achieved)
  • Call a general meeting to vote for the signing of a pension plan for one of the partners who plays an active part in the work of Guarantee Limited (Achieved)


  • A welcome visit to the children (Achieved)
  • Arranged a week-long summer camp at the school for Intermediate students during which we taught greetings in Italian by comparing them to greetings in English, Srilankan, Spanish and French; taught Italian songs; on the last day, we accompanied the children to the sea where we ate rice and curry at a small restaurant on the beach and later played volleyball, fulfilling a six-year promise of a beach holiday. (Achieved)
  • Searched for a teacher to substitute Kasuni who is planning to leave in December. (Achieved)
  • Contacted an association which provides English mother tongue volunteers who work in Sri Lanka. (Achieved)
  • Travelled to Colombo to pick up a supply of stationery donated by a Sri Lankan friend who grew upin Italy and currently lives in Germany. (Achieved)
  • Visited a mother with a nine-year-old son who has been abandoned by her husband. In addition to shopping for basic needs, we gathered information and verified his linguistic abilities, and provided him with the means for private English lessons as we were unable to insert him into our classes. (Achieved)
  • Visited many of the children who attend our classes, bringing gifts from their sponsors. (Achieved)
  • Accompanied a child to buy shoes and socks for school, offered by her sponsor. (Achieved)
  • Purchased a key for internet.(Achieved)
  • Worked with a technician to establish the best internet connection. (Achieved)
  • Established a standing order to pay internet by bank. (Achieved)
  • Opened a fundraising campaign on Facebook to help the granddaughter of one of our local partners and the sister of a child who attends our first class. (The little girl is suffering from tetralogy of fallot and needs surgery to correct the problem. Of the € 3000 needed, we collected €728 and delivered it to the family (see photo)). (Achieved)
  • Made the arbitration agreement to purchase a piece of land adjacent to the site of our school. On this second piece of land we will build a stage, a small pool to teach the children to swim, and rooms for rent which will provide income to maintain of the entire project. (Achieved)


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Coming Events

English Classes
For adults and teenagers, both online and in-person. For additional information:

Dolcezze Bio-Casalinghe
You can book cakes and cookies for you dinner or afternoon tea through this Facebook page.

Le Cesarine
From the second half of Jan 2022, you will be able to access our page on and to book your culinary experience with Giuliana.

The proceeds from these events fund our project.