When life is interrupted by something as unexpected and unnatural as the loss of your son, there are two possible reactions: either you go insane, or you learn to cope.

Coping is difficult.

It is most certainly easier to give up and be overwhelmed by tragedy. Coping means to make a huge effort, take what is left of yourself, and concentrate your energy on something or someone. It doesn’t matter what you do, but you must do something.

Miraculously, you clearly understand what to do and start focusing and acting in that direction.

In Sri Lanka children live in conditions drastically different than ours, largely due to the poverty of their country and the culture that stems from that lack of resources. Their situation is not very different from that of many third world countries, but as we cannot help everybody, we must make a choice.

Helping these children now by offering them knowledge of the English language, which is the most important communication tool in our world today, and offering them courses in computer literacy, is vital for their future.

Furthermore, considering that tourism may increase because the Tamil-Sri Lankan civil war has ended, their education truly is essential.

Having personally lived the abovementioned experience, I found myself in possession of a modest sum of money which had been given to me by my colleagues in place of the traditional consolation flowers, which would have lasted only a few days.

Wanting to do something to perpetuate my son’s presence here, I asked a couple of friends who put me up in Sri Lanka and showed me the reality of the children there who needed my help.

My research about the best way to utilize my money led me to build a house and repair a nearby well (see photograph section).

Even after this, I was left with my mind fixed on the school…


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Painting Class
The Great Masters of Painting
Sep. 12th to May 10th, 2019
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Taught by the artist Maya Cetkovic for children of age 6-12.

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