Done in 2020

In Italy:
From early December 2019 to March 29th, 2020, I was in Sri Lanka at our local office. Only after three canceled flights and with many other difficulties, I did manage to return to Italy.

The good/bad news is that I finally made it and, after my voluntary quarantine, I was ready to resume the fundraising activity. But fundraising activities were greatly limited by the spread of the COVID-19 virus and for this reason we focused on themed dinners at the headquarters of the association, with a very limited number of people, respecting all the legal precautions and much more.

I have personally tried to find alternative ways of fundraising; for this we have joined:

  • the WISHRAISER platform, which offers to all those who are willing to help our Association, the opportuniy to participate to the weekly lottery of a travel for two people.

  • WICSHOP, the platform of Woman in Charge, a group of “Women in Charge in Florence” on Facebook on which, as in a real shop, we show our volunteering business.

We are also present on a website offering positions in our staff for volunteer native teachers:

We created the calendar that we have been offering to our supporters for several years now. It contains beautiful images taken around our school in Sri Lanka.

In Sri Lanka:

We have painted our school (walls, chairs and desks) to welcome the children for the new school year, and made an advertising campaign to enroll new students

We tried to help a family whose child is in our class. The family is really poor, living in a shack made of metal corrugation and plastic sheets on clay. The father was trying to build a brick house, but during construction broke his arm; so he cannot work on the construction of the house, nor to get a salary. This is why we made sure to find a sponsor for the child and we provide food shopping for the family.

In this COVID-19 situation there haven’t been classes at all since March 6th, but we are still paying salary to all the staff (in full until October, and half since then). Furthermore, we have to pay the school rent and all insurances in full.


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Coming Events

Burraco Tournament
October 27th, 2018 at 3:30pm
Circolo di S. Angelo a Legnaia
Via Pisana 438, Firenze (map)

The ticket costs €20 and includes participation in the tournament and refreshments. The best 3 couples will receive prizes; in addition, we will have a 50/50 lottery.

For reservations: Il giardino del Tempo, 366-3142241

Open the depliant.

Painting Class
The Great Masters of Painting
Sep. 12th to May 10th, 2019
1 lesson of 1.5 hours / week

Taught by the artist Maya Cetkovic for children of age 6-12.

For more information (depliant).